Top 7 Jorge Borges stories for HP Lovecraft fans

HP Lovecraft was a writer who created universes in which many dark and strange things are possible. While his protagonists were often alone in these dark creations, Lovecraft himself was not unique in telling compelling tales.

His skill however was rare and most of Lovecraft’s imitators and contemporaries have been forgotten, and many more unread. But one who stands out is one who is not obvious (though perhaps he’d have liked that) as a fellow master of the short story that preys on your mind long after you close the book — Jorge Luis Borges.

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Creative nutters and diners – catering for theatre audiences

British theatre’s longest serving artistic director is more focused on the future than the past.

Sam Walters MBE has run Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre since founding it in 1971, leading it from a room above a pub to building London’s only dedicated theatre-in-the-round, and while a lot has changed in his time, there’s one thing he feels should remain the same.

“Artists ought to be outside and antagonise the establishment,” he said in a snug corner of the theatre, his presence as warming as the heating on a cold January night.

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Considered Words is all about writing as a profession, so let’s hear from the professionals.

First in the series is Helena Thompson,scriptwriter and artistic director of SPID (Specially Produced Innovatively Directed) Theatre Company. Despite all the work that her many titles suggest, she found time to share her experience of the theatre.