Upstaged by actors

Writing is hard work, and writing an award winning script, one that takes its place in the popular¬†subconscious¬†is even harder (or so I imagine, I’ll let you know when I’ve written one).

Even harder is to come up with one line that not only¬†encapsulates¬†the whole damn film but people remember or know, even if they’ve never seen the film. So how does it feel if you write the script and it’s not your line?

Yep, even "Heeeeeeere's Johnny" was improvised

This is why this list caught my eye, it’s a rundown of some of the¬†most memorable unscripted lines in Hollywood.

As the title suggests, these are memorable lines that the actors came up with – lines such as¬†Jaws’¬†“you’re gonna need a bigger boat” and¬†Casablanca’s¬†“here’s looking at you kid”.

Check out the list for the full rundown.

Incidentally, I’m using¬†Unreality’s¬†list which is based on a much fuller one by¬†Listal¬†and it’s worth noting why. Just look at Listal‘s rather glib run of sentences each ending with “was unscripted” to see why a bit of lively writing will get people linking to you.

By Jonathan Richardson

Jonathan Richardson is a writer and the editor of Considered Words.

He's worked as a journalist, writer and analyst for organisations including the BBC and Which? He's also written for the stage in Cambridge, radio and sketches at the Edinburgh festival.

He's now a freelance writer and data analyst.

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