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50 Shades of Grey has just become the world’s best selling book of all time, but let’s just say it’s not for its literary style [note for the Mars Curiosity Rover and other off-worlders, it has a lot to do with S&M and not much else].

Much like the blockbuster Twilight series, 50 Shades‘¬†writing has been knocked many times for its poor writing, but leave it to an expert to deliver the killer blow – Ken Levine.

The former Cheers writer (and a lot more)¬†has a stylish take on 50 Shades¬†from the POV of Christian (the object of ‘affection’ in the book) and is well worth a read. Laugh, then think back to all those experts who say you’ll never sell unless you can create compelling characters and a well-written story.

Reductio ad absurdum¬†but at least I don’t feel like I need to read it. Besides, there aren’t any pictures.

What men think of 50 Shades
What men think of 50 Shades (courtesy of

By Jonathan Richardson

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