Script Cops – drop it and watch it

Script Cops is too damn funny not to mention. The frontline in the war on bad writing.

It’s not just us at Considered Words that like it, it’s so funny that Sony threw money at Scott Rice and his friends to make a whole series.

I can’t pretend it’s news but I have only just seen it so it’s news for me. Anyway, enough from me – here it is. Watch it and hope that you aren’t one of the perps – though I have my doubts…

Here’s a taster, with the full clip on Vimeo.

[iframe_loader src=”” height=”320″ ]

By Jonathan Richardson

Jonathan Richardson is a writer and the editor of Considered Words.

He's worked as a journalist, writer and analyst for organisations including the BBC and Which? He's also written for the stage in Cambridge, radio and sketches at the Edinburgh festival.

He's now a freelance writer and data analyst.

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