Only fools and sitcoms

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Can you help discover why some sitcoms are funnier than others?

In a previous post I wrote about my reasons why some sitcoms are funnier than others and developed a theory to test – that the best comedies have more laughs per page and more reversals overall.

Every theory needs a test and I’m testing it on the top five British Sitcoms as voted for in 2004, not to find ‘the best’ comedy but to find which episodes are the greatest.

Yet to test it I need your help. I need you to read the scripts, count the funnies and reversals and enter them into the database below. I’ll let you know the results when they’re in – subscribe and follow me on Twitter to do so.

If you’d like to embed this form into your site let me know and I’ll send you the code – simply credit me and Considered Words and I’d love to hear from you.

If you want you can view this questionnaire in a new window.

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By the way, please note there are a couple of caveats – I am a follower of Robert McKee and his principles of structure as well as character are key to a good story, but I’m not measuring them here. At the moment I think it’s too complicated to measure this, but it is something I’m working on. Any suggestions please post below.