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Creative nutters and diners – catering for theatre audiences

British theatre’s longest serving artistic director is more focused on the future than the past.

Sam Walters MBE has run Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre since founding it in 1971, leading it from a room above a pub to building London’s only dedicated theatre-in-the-round, and while a lot has changed in his time, there’s one thing he feels should remain the same.

“Artists ought to be outside and antagonise the establishment,” he said in a snug corner of the theatre, his presence as warming as the heating on a cold January night.


WD-40 lubricates ideas

What do oil and ideas have in common?

The world runs on both, and have gone to war over both, and both can be messy, but there’s more to it than that.

What unites them is that both end products are a reiteration and refinement of a crude original. And WD-40 is the ultimate example of this.

Write Heroes

Professional Heroes

A hero of profession may not have degrees, practices or medals, but they still flaunt their expertise.

Following my previous post I believe that the great heroes of profession, inspiration for treating writing professionally, are not ‘pure’ writers who have spent their lives solely as novelists and storytellers.

They are not ‘pure’ because they came to writing with a professional attitude from elsewhere that enabled them to reach the top.

What unites them are two things – a dedicated, professional approach to their work, and their skill at engaging their audience.

These are the two crucial skills I wish to emulate and formulate the base principles at Considered Words.