Society of the future

The future, the entire future – it’s pale, stale and male.

Euro-American culture is all that exists, its engineers, nuclear families and universal values are throughout the galaxy.

That is the future we have if you believe a large section of science-fiction.

Today’s life, tomorrow

I want to know why I lost interest in sci-fi.

Good sci-fi has a wealth of ideas and the potential that we love. A Victorian child who read the then-fantastical Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in 1870 could well have grown to become a pioneer submariner.


Phoebus Haack and my Writing Failures

“I like to succeed in public, but to fail in secret.” – David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man

I don’t blame David Ogilvy, for like the best (and worst) of people I too like to keep my failures secret.

This may be due to too much pride – pride that I want to be a success in all that I do, pride in believing that the wider world really cares about what I do, for better or worse.

In the same way that I know that I should have a side of salad instead of chips, or get up an hour early to fit in gym before the office, I know I should find something to learn from my failures.