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Congratulations, it’s great that you’ve been inspired to add to Considered Words. Fresh writers are always welcome and we’re pleased to have you join us.

Before you do so please take a look at the Principles and About this site, and also have a look at the Style Guide.

We welcome submissions but before sending it’s best to pitch the idea before writing the actual essay.

Why write for us?

Good writing is about show over tell and it’s all very well saying how great a writer you are if you’ve nothing to show for it. Times have changed and the web makes it simple for others to search for you and find your writing, so you need somewhere that highlights your best work and shows the world what you can do. Not only that, but the company we wish to associate ourselves with has always been important.

This is where Considered Words comes in. With clear Principles and Style and Tone, this site will not only give you direction and focus with a quality control, but will present your writing in the company of others.

As the amount of pieces increases at Considered Words, the site’s authority will increase and as such so will your work’s relevance. By adding your voice to ours you increase the relevance and authority of all.


While we have a Style Guide at Considered Words, this is to set the parameters of your writing, not define it. Write in your natural style, write in your natural voice.


Most essays are between 300 and 1,200 words, although in some cases this is negotiable. If it is likely to be greater or shorter please mention this in your pitch.


You own the copyright to your work. By submitting to Considered Words you give us the right to edit, reposition, add images and otherwise do as we wish to any piece featured on the site. However, if you wish to later publish or sell the work you are free to do so. Likewise, if we do sell any works featured here we will only sell yours with your consent.


Each work ends with a brief paragraph about yourself, giving a brief overview of who you are, what you do and relevant links. Your name will also appear in the author tag.

Once you have written three articles you can have a profile page, which has a fuller description of your work. If you wish to send a photograph to accompany your author profile page you can do so, as long as the image is in jpg or png format.

Suggested topics

As an essayist you can write on anything that fits with Considered Words’ Principles and Aims. In addition, there are themes that we like to explore here, which you may want to contribute to:

Contact and pitching

Please send an email with the following subject and to the address below:

Subject: I have read the instructions and wish to write for Considered Words
Address: editor AT consideredwords DOT com

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